So they tried to turn some of my innocent Facebook posts against me. You don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house.

Posted on Facebook after I won UFT Chapter Delegate position. 3 months later he asked me to resign from that same position.

I agree. We do have some of the best teachers (and paras and secretaries) and they are awesome.

Posted the night before a Professional Development day to inform Staff about Common Core Videos:

Thank you. I hoped I met your expectations Susanne. A year later she tried to vote me out. Why does that keep happening to me?

Susanne on Facebook during class? Tsk Tsk. Thank you though. He is still smiling.

Posted the night of my first SLT meeting where I was writing minutes. Months later I saw minutes were being changed from what was actually said. I brought it up and I was not allowed to type meeting minutes anymore.

Last but not least….The beginning of the end. The day I first spoke up in a staff meeting about issues at school.


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