It was my 11 month old son, Alexander, that I had on my lap the night I decided to create this site.  Earlier that same day, two SCI investigators came to my classroom and later to my house to take my DOE equipment for an investigation the principal called on me. The equipment actually had nothing to do with the allegation.She was also allegedly heard saying “We are trying to get rid of Mr. Portelos, but it won’t be easy” with her office door wide open. You are right it won’t be easy.

In any case as I stared at my gorgeous son and thought If they come after me, then they are coming after my family and I won’t allow that! That’s when everything changed for me. I changed the rules of their game and have been riding a wave of adrenaline since then. My connections and support has been ever increasing and now they are being investigated. I will not leave any stone unturned. Something is not right.

Here is one more reason I will not lose. Little baby Portelos ETA October 25th, 2012:



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