I’m not going to write much on this, because it is pretty self explanatory and wrong in every way. I was removed from school the morning of April 26, 2012. My guess is that I was a threat to uncovering alleged financial misconduct and a threat to winning the UFT Chapter Leader position (which I did from the Rubber Room). I was not removed because I was ineffective or a threat to a child. I handed in all my keys and parking pass. Why was it necessary for Principal Linda Hill and Assistant Principal Joanne Aguirre to be up at my door overseeing the changing of my locks after the NY Standardized Math test had already begun? Was I going to send my spies to retrieve equipment and nuke it in my microwave? Or were they going to collect the personal belongings I left that I am prevented from going in to take? There were about 5 students in my class as well as another 60 across the hall. While I sat at 51 Chambers St., I received several messages, from several staff members, indicating this was happening. I explained what happened a few days later in my post titled Online and Omnipresent. including filing an SCI complaint and calling the NYS Test Administration office.

The last day of school, June 27, 2012, I received the above picture, from an anonymous email. Proof of this is easy to obtain as all one has to do is look back at Camera C2-19 that faces my room. I have to mention that the custodians and substitute were following orders and should not be held accountable at all. Is there any accountability anyway? I wonder if any of the banging (sources say it took at least 45 minutes to change the 2 locks) affected any of the students to now report to summer school.

Children First….Always??


3 thoughts on “What’s wrong with this picture taken during the NYS Math Test?

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