Time since I last stepped foot in my classroom

Welcome. This will be a running record of some thoughts and experiences of my day to day dealings with a very broken system that seems to put the student’s best interest last. I was removed from the classroom on April 26, 2012. I’m now placed 2 boroughs away at 8201 Rockaway Blvd, NY to sit and await the completion of investigations pertaining to crazy allegations made by Principal Linda Hill, Assistant Principal Joanne Aguirre and former UFT Chapter Leader Rich Candia. Click Here for Ridiculous Allegations

132 Days Out September 4, 2012– Swung by my school, Berta Dreyfus IS 49, to greet the staff as they begin a new school year. It’s about a mile …Click here to continue


9 thoughts on “Rubber Room Journal

  1. Yes…good idea…definitely will look good with the new hairdo. You are too much, and I look forward to reading all the nonsense…they throw at you. Just…make sure you post all these stories and comments when you get home. Buy, a fancy journal and write down the days events. Should be quite interesting.

  2. At least they’re not using IE6. Killing off IE7 is going to be our next technology push for our user base. You may or may not be suprised how many very large organizations still use IE7 almost exclusively. A few years ago when we pushed, prodded and forced our customers off IE6, rather than upgrading to IE8 or the very new IE9, some customers just followed suit and upgraded to IE7. Ugh.

  3. HI, I just love this blog, hitting them where it hurts: in the public area. I think I’m going to use the Unicorn Defense for future reference, brillant. Anyway I think I speak for many in my ardent support of you and your efforts. Working with the DOE administrators is sometimes like working like a cocktail waitress at a strip club, can’t help but come home feeling like you need a shower and a sanitizer. Keep exposing the hypocrisy, I would love to start something similar to show the public the waste & shennigans that goes on, but for now I will wait till I’m totally fed up to proceed. and thats coming soon I’m sure but let me get back to teaching my unicorns how to curtsy.

  4. I was his student for 3 years mr.Portelos is one of the best teachers in IS.49 he should not have to deal with this and intimidation? Like he said he wouldn’t hurt a fly. Best of luck mr.Portelos

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