Just a short video showing a fraction of what I taught before I was removed from Berta Dreyfus Intermediate School 49 after bringing up issues of corruption and educational neglect.

I am Francesco Alexander Portelos. I am an educator and I love my job. I am an NYU Polytechnic University Civil/Environmental Engineer turned middle school teacher and this is my story on how I went from hero to villain by bringing up the needs of the students and community. Click Here for Full Story

15 thoughts on “A Play by Play Story of Corruption and Educational Neglect

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  2. Where is your union??? I have read everything on your site and do not really see where the UFT is stepping in and flexing the muscles they claim they have!!! I assume you keep paying dues.

  3. Stay in the fight, this stuff happens in many organizations, i was a victim of a similar situation in my Agency as well… dont give up.

  4. What does it say about a person who needs FOUR Assistant principals for 800 students? Can someone look up the definition of incompetent?

    • I don’t know if power is the issue. It is what they are told to do with that power that brings out the problem. I have heard stories where “legal” or someone above the principal stated “Get rid of this problem or we will get rid of you.” This is a bit concerning to me.

  5. i graduated 49 back in 09 and at the time the school was already bad. im now a junior in high-school and guess what i find out after three years of absence? that people are attacking a teacher, for being a teacher… now please tell me if that makes sense because the same people who are attacking portelos, made fun of a boy who was put in the hospital over a spleen injury by calling him spleen boy… but they’re great staff right? portelos you know as well as i do that no one in 49 cares about anybody but themselves and that they’re pay checks come before they’re students (with a exception of some not many but some) and even if you try to make 49 better, you can never change the staff, but i wish you luck.

    your old, and hopefully new students, support you to the fullest. your one of the teachers who actually got things done around that hellhole you deserve better.

  6. Hi,

    I’m also an NYU-Poly graduate. I was a Teaching Fellow. I was strong-armed out of my classroom, but since I did not have tenure, I was simply fired after I lost the appeal I filed. Now I have a useless master’s degree that the city paid for me to not use.

    Is there a way I can get in touch with you to discuss the details of my firing, and my principal’s strong-arm tactics, more privately?

    Keep fighting the good fight.

  7. History repeats itself. A friend of mine was trying to get hired on the fire dept and was shocked to find that he scored lower on the list than someone else when he knew he had better scores on his testing. He was relentless like you and uncovered corruption upon corruption. He had proof and was attacked for it. He started a website and battled for a long time. In the end an officer was forced to retire and another fired! My friend wound up joining a department in another town and already saved a citizens life! The one officer who was fired lost his pension. All I can say my friend is keep doing what your doing and watch the heads roll!
    My mother & father were both teachers and so is my wife and I have heard some stories from them that make me want to bang my head against the wall. It’s always the same, you guys try so hard and give it your all and just want to do your jobs and then you have these droll, despicable thieves and liars taking advantage and no one does anything about it. The mayors and politicians are not doing their jobs either. They should be going after these slimeballs instead of demonizing teachers and blaming them for all the ills in the system. If there was one or two of you in each school system it would all change though. I hope you inspire more teachers to speak up !

    Oh and BTW, for all those that bash the unions and say they are no good or no longer needed, this is exactly why we need unions.

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