This was already placed as a “page” on my blog, but not as it’s own post. Many followers did not see it because they only get notifications for “posts” not menu pages.

So here it is:


I also managed to make my story as short as possible and squeeze into one paragraph. I couldn’t believe it. Check out: https://protectportelos.wordpress.com/the-story/


One thought on “Ka$h is King -Warrengate Files

  1. Hello, Mr.Portelos! Do you know about our website, which we started due to incidents much like what happened to you? Sarah was a National Board Certified Teacher who reported bullying and racial discrimination in an elementary school in Gilbert, AZ. No one in power ever helped the kids who were bullied, but they sure ganged up to destroy a teacher’s career! In the end, the district brought 20 charges against Sarah, but the school board unanimously withdrew all charges rather than hold the public hearing Sarah demanded. She received full pay and benefits through the end of the school year, and she received cash in the amount of the attorney fees she had spent. She retained ALL LEGAL RIGHTS and agreed only to not apply for a job with the district in the future. Now our website is a community resource for teachers who are under the gun. We broke the story of a teacher subjected to retaliation for advocating for her special ed students — the Dept of Education Office for Civil Rights forced two local school districts into resolution agreements and monitoring to end that investigation. It’s not just teachers who are treated unfairly. We have much more to publish in the near future, and we’re starting a blog to deal with the small bits of info that people send us. Hang tough! Keep up the good fight! You are teaching students far more about integrity and courage than many will ever see for themselves.

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