I didn’t write the book yet, but started with the cover.

Who would have thought that some 30 years later I would be revisiting the first playground law of snitches get stitches? I didn’t think it was a real law that adults followed as well. (Except when I watched The Sopranos.)

The scene is bigger now and all the same players are there. You have the bullies, those bullied, those who stand by and watch and of course the ones you snitch too. Imagine back then it went something like it does now:

Johnny: “Mom…Billy threw a rock and broke Ms Smith’s window!!!”

Mom: “What?…Johnny, go to your room! No dinner, no video games!”

Johnny: “No not me…I said Billy did it!”

Mom: “Yes, I heard you. Go to your room. Billy, go get ice cream.”

That is kind of how I feel the last 10 months.

It’s October 6th. I have been out of school for months. I’m still in the rubber room. I have filed a federal law suit as well as a Public Employees Relations Board (PERB) complaint. I also filed a Small Claims suit for my classroom belongings. They still want a list that keeps growing.

I guess they never paid attention to the coiled snake in my logo since day one.. It was retracted, but ready and they just kept on poking….



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