This site was originally created as a private location to gather my files. I just started pasting tons of thank you emails from my principal, then I thought why don’t I add my satisfactory observations, then I added letters of recommendations and briefly wrote a short synopsis of my story as I saw it. To contrast, I added negative attacks like disciplinary letters. The site was originally created and kept private from  mid February 2012. This was just about after a month of vicious attacks.  After investigators from the Special Commissioner of Investigation came to my class and house to confiscate computer equipment, on February 28, 2012, I thought to myself “The gloves are off and now it’s my turn. They, whoever they are, want to come at me? Fine, but the public will be watching.” I originally bought the domain protectportelos.org because I was fighting solo and thought I needed protection. As the months progressed, I found that it wasn’t just I who needed protection, but the whole field of education. I’m thinking of a new name.

On March 7 I made the site public and it took off. First 300 people, then 800, then 2000….. I never imagined it would get to become a full play by play expose of the inner workings of modern day education. The more “they” pushed….the more I push back. I went from defensive to offensive. They want to neglect the education of our students, misappropriate tax dollars and write blank checks to themselves?? NOT ON MY WATCH!


 Mr. Portelos is a Staten Island resident his whole life. He went to Port Richmond High School and graduated with honors in 1996. Wanting to do his best to help humanity and the environment, he enrolled in Polytechnic University’s Civil/Environmental Engineering program. After graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Engineering in 2000, he spent the next 5 years working in the environmental inspection field in NYC. After climbing bridges, walking through dark subway tunnels and inspecting buildings for environmental hazards, he thought he could better serve his direct community by educating students in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. In 2005 he enrolled in Brooklyn College’s Masters Degree program in Science Education. After 2 more years of school he accepted a position at Berta Dreyfus IS 49. Since 2007 he has been successfully redesigning the Science Technology Engineering & Math (STEM) program at the school. The STEM lab has been renovated 3 times in 4 years. In addition, he has dropped everything to help all students and staff members with anything they need.

     Always remembering what it is like to be of adolescent age he tries to mix fun into the learning. Always finding the latest high tech programs, he pushes advanced technology to all grades 6-8 and all levels from advanced honors, mainstream and special education classes.

Other recent accomplishments are :

  • Filed for US Patent for a company he co-founded, FACEHSOP.ME, where you can take your own picture and place it on models to shop for clothes.
  • Working on a educational social media site where students post their work to be commented by their peers. FRIDGEWORK.COM
  • Published an article in the NY Teacher Newspaper
  • Expecting a new addition to his amazing family
  • Made history and won UFT Chapter Leader position after being being removed from school 50 days
TWITTER @mrportelos

 I’ m dedicating this site to my son Alexander, his generation and all the  students of this country.


How my last class always ended…

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