On April 26, 2012 I was removed from my position as an educator. This was after months of attacks that started when I brought up issues at NYC Public School Berta A. Dreyfus I.S. 49. I was not permitted back to educate the inner city youth for the remainder of the year. Why? I was told that I was under investigation. Director of Human Resources, Andrew Gordon, stated he was the one who decided to remove me based on some “serious allegations“. I thought to myself “I know I didn’t do anything wrong, so there must be some false allegations made”. I was sent to a desk to do nothing for months and was told Nothing. The taxpayer continued to pay my salary and that of the substitute. Good thing there is a big surplus in funds for education.

I was not going to sit and rot at a desk when I should be teaching. My attorney was able to set up a meeting with investigators from the Special Commissioner of Investigation’s office.  Two professional gentleman met with me on June 14, 2012. We sat for over 2 hours at my attorneys office as they read out to me the long list of allegations. They read the first 3 and I thought “No problem. That’s it?” Then they proceeded to state there is an additional 15 or so more allegations. I then thought to myself “Oh boy. I know I didn’t do anything wrong, but can I dodge 18 bullets??” It turns out I can. As they read through the dates and names of those making the allegations, my nervousness went away. By the time they finished, I thought “That’s it? These are the serious allegations? This is why the students were educationally neglected? People need to be fired or arrested for the crimes committed and this educational neglect!”

Here is a video commentary mini series of the allegations. One video a day created during lunch in the Rubber Room.

The allegations will be in BLUE and any comments will be in RED.

Again, keep in mind that these are the reasons I am not in school educating.

Allegations 1, 2 and 3 were all submitted on January 30, 2012 -Just 3 days after my first allegations of Principal Hill’s financial misconduct were reported (Jan 26) and UFT Chapter Leader, Richard Candia, walked out of a UFT meeting as I spoke and demanded I resign as UFT Delegate (Jan 27). 

1. Jan 2012- Principal Hill called and stated that Mr. Portelos hacked, http://www.dreyfus49.com, and took her administrative privileges away. 

The sad part is a principal of “The School of Technology” should know a lot more about technology, tech policy and tech law. There was no hacking and she suspended my account for a website I own and pay for. That is actionable according to an attorney. For more, see my post from May

2. Principal Hill received an anonymous call that Mr. Portelos used an iTunes program called Fake a Message to email a student and make it appear that it was sent by the Principal. 

Me? iTunes? I’m a PC/Android guy. Contacting a student and making believe I’m a woman? Who came up with that one?

3. Rich Candia (UFT Chapter Leader) claims that Mr Portelos conducts real estate business during class time.

See the video of what I teach and let me know if it looks like I have the time to run a business during class. Mr. Candia leaves one period early to run his landscaping business.
Also see comments from my December observation. The students are given college level work and inundate me with questions. “Hold on kids, I am looking for a Two Family Semi-attached home for under $600K…I will be right with you

4. February 2012– Principal Hill alleges that Mr. Portelos requested that a paraprofessional work with him and other teachers on a Learning Technology Grant afterschool to help his students. Principal Hill declined and Mr. Portelos apparently had him work anyway and submit time sheets.

We have witnesses that say Rich Candia stated “Ms. Hill approved the Para for the work. I actually had the text from him too , but couldn’t find it”

5. March 2012 -Assistant Principal Joanne Aguirre discovered a website called protectportelos.org and it had student names mentioned. Parents did not complain.

Some names were made up as an example for a disciplinary form I developed. Ex. “Timmy shot a rubberband at Luis”.

6. Principal Hill alleged that the website, protectportelos.org, had pictures of students. Parents did not complain.

The pictures were also the back of the students heads. I couldn’t even recognize them.

7. Principal Hill made allegations that Mr. Portelos sent emails to the staff about his investigation.

A UFT internal investigation on what our chapter leader was doing.

8. Principal Hill made allegation that there was an agreement to shut down Protectportelos.org and he did not.

Never happened. Now I can add the allegation to my Freedom of Speech federal law suit. Federal Complaint

9. March 28, 2012 -Rich Candia claimed that Mr. Portelos hacked into the website http://www.dreyfus49.com and copied personal email between him and Principal Hill and distributed it to the staff.

You mean this one here where he makes up stories and throws his own colleagues under the bus?

10. March 28, 2012 -Rich Candia alleges that Mr. Portelos walks back and forth in front of his classroom everyday and intimidates him. He was going to file a police report.

Intimidating? Me? I trick flies into flying out instead of killing them at home. The building has classrooms on 3 floors. Rich Candia and I both teach on the 2nd. Chances that I have to pass by his room are pretty high.

11. March 29, 2012 -Principal Hill alleges that she directed Mr. Portelos to shut down the website he owns and he did not. He also read, printed and distributed private emails from Rich Candia.

Like the one above or this one where he asked me to resign, kicked me off the UFT Consultation committee and he Blind Carbon Copied the CSA union administrators?

12. April 5, 2012 -Assistant Principal Joanne Aguirre alleged that Mr. Portelos asked the Parent Coordinator for pictures of a social gathering to possibly use to Photoshop Aguirre.

Really? Just a week after I called in an Office of Equal Opportunity complaint on her because of inappropriate things she said to me at a social gathering and harassed me for the last several months. I’m good at Photoshop, but not that good.

13. April 5,2012 – Assistant Principal Joanne Aguirre alleged that three emergency buttons in rooms around the school were blinking and that Mr. Portelos must be responsible.

Yes. I learned that trick when I was trained as an operative at the CIA Headquarters at Langley.

14. April 2012 -Rich Candia emailed investigators stating again that Mr. Portelos hacked into the website he owned and distributed personal emails.

Hmm… Repeating allegations? “Ahh…UFT Chapter Leader Elections are coming up… I have to ensure Francesco Portelos is not here to run and win!” Sorry…he couldn’t stop that train.

15. April 2012 -Rich Candia emailed investigators that Mr. Portelos sent a secret code to Rich Candia’s phone and retrieved his text history and distributed it to the staff.

Again… I learned that special trick at the CIA. He did text me over 576 times…maybe my Android kept a record. I did accidentally text the letter “T”. Maybe that was the secret code.

16. April 2012 -Rich Candia emailed investigators that Mr. Portelos bashed IS 49 on Facebook.

Hmm… Let’s take a look here and pay close attention to the date I posted and the date they made the allegations above. 


17. April 2012 -Rich Candia alleges that Mr. Portelos “mailed” 2 harassing letters to Mr. Candia’s home.

First, No. I don’t even know how much a stamp costs. People still mail letters? Secondly, how is this even a DOE matter? Thirdly, and I thought of this weeks later, I found a random picture of a US Postal Service Police cruiser in my school mailbox before I was removed. Thought it was by mistake and meant for someone else. Now I realize this guy thought I sent him harassing mail out of school and he tried harassing me in school. Who should be investigated?

18. April 2012 -Rich Candia alleged that Mr. Portelos posted pictures of students without parental consent. No parents have complained.

He was definitely getting desperate. Again my UFT Chapter Leader here…reporting for duty.

19. April 2012 -Rich Candia alleged that Mr. Portelos sent an email to the staff urging them not to share union matters.

Wait, what?

After I was removed from school:

20. May 2012 -Principal Hill alleges that Mr. Portelos emailed parents telling them that he posted lessons on his private website mrportelos.com

21. May 2012 -An unidentified teacher stated that they saw a message pop up on one of his classroom computers stating “Mr. Portelos’ class is fun“.

The two above are related. Number 21 is news to me, and I doubt it even happened. “Unidentified”? I never had a message like that come up. However, when Principal Hill realized that students continued to do my work while I was in the “rubber room” she could not let that continue. Imagine the headline “TEACHER IN RUBBER ROOM CONTINUES TO TEACH USING HIS PERSONAL WEBSITE”. I did get postive responses from both parents and students that were in fact working on my lessons from class and home. It’s 2012! You think I need to be in front of these kids to teach them?

Lastly, without mentioning a date or who claimed this, the investigator asked if, during classtime, I work on Faceshop.me, my other business venture that we have a US Patent on. 

And there you have it. Above are the ever so “serious allegations” that have removed a quality teacher from teaching the inner city youth. Where are the parents? Where are the politicians? Where is the justice? Where are the arrests?

Children First. Always.

13 thoughts on “Allegations Against Me

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  3. What? These are the most ridiculous charges..I ever heard. I cannot believe it. What pure desperation….the Board has resorted to! I just can’t believe it! They are so absurd, that if I didn’t know you, I would think this was an April Fools Joke. They do not state any wrongdoing whatsoever. It all comes down to retaliation and stepping on someone’s toes! Plain and simple. It’s just a shame that the students have to suffer because of this! Really? A waste of time, money, energy, and effort. Keep up the good fight, and you are doing the right thing. Document everything..because they subscribe to the belief…if you didn’t record it/write it-it didn’t happen! So RIDICULOUS!

  4. Our tax dollars working for the children, REALLY!
    Keep up the good work, just today I was told don’t ever quit, stand up for what you believe in, then I viewed ” The Runner” Barcelona olympics

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  8. It seems like you have pretty good technical skills from looking at this website. You should give them the finger and go into the private sector to make some real money, You have to be crazy to waste your time working for NYC or the government in any position. Best of luck to you.

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  11. This is crazy stuff. Good luck with everything, you seem like a very intelligent guy. I noticed in one of your videos you were analyzing the contract that expired in 2009. What are your thoughts on us ever getting a new contract?! Keep up the fight, you’re standing up for what’s right.

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