Alumni I’ve known Mr. Portelos since he started teaching at 49. First, 49 is no “amazing” school; I’ve had my share of bad experiences there. For me, going to school every day was no walk in the park. My friends and I have been jumped, mugged, harassed – by our own fellow students. Imagine what it’s like for the staff? Every teacher struggles daily to do their best and I’ve seen the best in teachers at this school. I’ve met some of the most committed instructors in my life here at 49. They’ve sacrificed hours just to improve what outsiders would consider a failing school. I thank those teachers, because they were the ones who changed me, who changed my life. Mr. Portelos was one of those teachers. His service to the school via the robotics team, his efforts to integrate technology into the school, and his work to create an atmosphere appealing to kids who are uninterested in education have earned my respect. I was angered by a newspaper article slandering the school a few months ago, because I know that there are quality teachers and quality students in this building. 49 is not a lost cause. I know, because Mr. Portelos among other teachers, Mr. Valia, Ms. Monohan, Ms. Martino… allowed me – an alumni to blossom. My middle school years had some unforgettable moments and I attribute many of them to Mr. Portelos. I was deeply involved at this school. I stayed long hours, everyday, every week. I attended school early in the morning, left school late in the afternoon. I skipped lunch nearly everyday to go to Mr. Portelos’s STEM Lab. My friends and I made the most of our middle school years, we had fun while gaining recognition of our school through awards and competitions. We were better than other “well-off” middle schools in Cranial Crunch, our Robotics team etc. Portelos was a huge factor behind my 3 years at 49. Though he came in during my second year, his passion for kids never ended both inside and outside of the school building. I am a witness of that. Besides mentoring me in technology and engineering, besides showing me that teachers and students can build friendly relationships, besides making me believe in a school that everyone else called “a place full of hoodlums” – he saved me once. While going home from 49 one day, kids threatened to mug me. I was not alone; I was with my friend. My friends were mugged before, but this was my first time. I walked faster, ignoring the kids who kept saying “Where you going? You got some money?” They stopped us. They reached into our pockets when we protested. This was when Portelos pulled over in his car. “Hey what’s going on here. What are you guys doing?” He addressed the kids and they ran away. “You guys alright there?” “Yeah. Those kids just wanted money we didn’t have.” “Are you guys really okay?” After a brief chat, we joked that he would be our “guardian angel” in his “Bat-Mobile”. A couple of blocks later, I realized that Portelos was keeping watch over us, just in case something happened again. He drove away when we reached our bus stop. I’ll never forget that moment. I love this school. I respect Ms. Hill. I wish the kids here a better future. And I hope that Mr. Portelos is not innocently victimized by what might just be a BIG misunderstanding. I’m standing up for him.I’m standing up for this “guardian angel” of a teacher.

Ismael Nicholas Robles says:

No need for this to be anonymous, I have had Mr. Portelos as a teacher, and by the gods he had to be the best teacher I ever had. For anyone to even question that, is illogical. I have his back the entire way, no matter what. You cannot question someone for questioning you, you only have the choice to answer or not to answer. This is a free country, and unless Ms. Linda Hill has something to hide I don’t see what the situation is. Is there a greater picture? I don’t really believe there is, Portelos whatever you need from me, you let me know.

Francesco Portelos Wow. I forgot about that above incident. I remember Ms. Martino reading me the Incident Report. Thank you for kind words. There was not one staff member who ever doubted you would succeed N.D. Come by and visit us some time.

Aiven says:

Dear Mr. Portelos, I am one of your students at 49. Both me and my family support you, and wish you the best of luck. You are an awesome teacher, you dont deserve this. All the students in 720 agree. dont you forget that! Good Luck.

M.G says:

i graduated 49 back in 09 and at the time the school was already bad. im now a junior in high-school and guess what i find out after three years of absence? that people are attacking a teacher, for being a teacher… now please tell me if that makes sense because the same people who are attacking portelos, made fun of a boy who was put in the hospital over a spleen injury by calling him spleen boy… but they’re great staff right? portelos you know as well as i do that no one in 49 cares about anybody but themselves and that they’re pay checks come before they’re students (with a exception of some not many but some) and even if you try to make 49 better, you can never change the staff, but i wish you luck.

your old, and hopefully new students, support you to the fullest. your one of the teachers who actually got things done around that hellhole you deserve better.


I am so sorry by reasding all the that happened to you .we all found you a very hardworking and caring teacher who is really concerned about the students .how we can help you do we need to call the school or DOE wish you a good luck


I’ve known you for 3 years now and i know you wouldnt do those things. You’re an honorable man and you’re a hardworking man. Obviously Abromawitz and Candia are too scared of Hill and they dont wanna lose what they have so far and are probably kissing up to her by telling lies to her. I believe you should fight these lies.

eddie starks

Portelos is one of the best teacher i ever had i had him back in 2009 and i still know everything he showed me he should be teaching kids. u have fun when u work in his class the kids are always 1st no matter if the kids are bad as hell cuz i was in 827 a bad ass class but he never got mad he never gave up he kept going and everyone in the class loved him and i bet they miss him to cuz i know i do and i gonna get as many people i can to help mr Portelos out he helped me and im gonna help you mr Portelos cuz you can’t let a good teacher go could of mr Portelos i when to school every day i had him and i think it was on day 3 and day 6 #savePortelos


Sahin Boluk I have known Francesco for over 10 years, and he will always fight for what he feels is right.To me, it looks like he is fighting for his students and their future.Anyone who is standing in his way, or trying to stop him doesn’t care about the school, students or community.These kids need more teachers like Mr.Portelos.What other teacher does all this for their students?

AnonymousSo disheartening!! I too have been in a situation where you feel no good deed goes unpunished, however you must seek out a strong, VOCAL support system. If you surround yourself with people who are only supportive of you behind the scenes all is lost.Stay strong and good luck!

John Macari I can Personally attest to the Character of Francesco Portelos. He is one of the nicest,open minded individuals I have ever met and a person I consider a Dear friend. Anyone that knows Francesco Knows how much he loves being a teacher . Being a Parent I can only pray that my child is lucky enough to be taught byteachers with half the compassion and dedication Francesco brings to his school and students Every day.This attack on Francesco is a attack on the whole system. He is being attacked for asking one question. This is retaliation in the worst form! Being a teacher is not “just a job” for Francesco. His hard work is very well documented and also very impressive. Francesco should be getting rewarded for his hard work but instead is being made an example of for asking a Question. The principal who violated state law by approving a budget that was not discussed or approved by the Parents and the Board should be the one getting questioned. The Principal and her cronies should be focusing on the best interest of our Children!!!!!!! Not trying to sabotage A great teacher. Any members of the Board of Ed reading this should contact Former & CurrentStudents and Parents and the truth will be revealed that Mr. Portelos is a Amazing individual and a even Better Educator!!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless!

ZoranaThis is horrible what they’re doing to our teachers, I hope we can all help in some way!

aspasiaDear Frankie,this is truely a sad situation.I went to public school and sent my chldren to public school.I always felt you get a great education in our public school system. Now, I feel that the big wigs do not care for our children and there futures.There are teachers like yourself who teach with a passion and continue to make learning more interesting for your students.Instead of being commended you they scrutinize you.Shame on the BOE.Good luck with all.It is my opinion that plenty of BOE workers high on the ladder feel threatened of being exposed.Instead of dipping their hands in the cookie jar they should try to help Amricas future. OUR CHILDREN.good luck in all that you do.

aspasiaSeems to me BOE must feel that you have a case and are threatened by this.

AnonymousIt’s awful that someone as deserving of praise, as Mr. Portelos, is being ostracized by his colleagues and administrators. I can’t even fathom his pain and anguish at the situation- to be “sold out” by your own UFT chapter leader is just mind-boggling. All the conspirators who are ruining Mr. Portelos’s life and career should be ashamed of themselves. I don’t know how they can sleep at night; if they do, they must not have one iota of a soul, because anyone with a conscience would be too embarrassed to even be a part of this world. Educators try to teach their students about making correct moral decisions, but clearly these educators don’t espouse what they are supposed to teach. Mr. Portelos, the best thing is what you’re doing- don’t keep your mouth shut- the more people know about this, the better. There’s danger in keeping quiet- that’s how the Nazis got so far; people were too afraid to speak up and they just went along with everything despite knowing the atrocities that were being committed. Keep a log of everything, get the media involved, and make sure that all who are trying to bring you down are ridiculed and demolished by the press and society. People like them should be let go because all they do is ruin education. Good luck Mr. Portelos, on behalf of all teachers who try to do the right thing!

AnonymousIt is interesting to point out that he questioned this CEP and out of 10 middle schools on Staten Island, there is only one that does not have the Comprehensive Education Plan posted online. Berta Dreyfus IS 49http://www.schooldigger.com/go/NY/schools/0010302216/school.aspx

AnonymousI believe there are several issues at play here. I think Mr. Portelos had a right and responsibility (as a member of the SLT) to question the CEP and ask for input. This is obviously the role of the SLT members and not the Principal alone. I do feel, however, that he incorrectly handled the situation by talking to other members and sending emails about the Principal, rather than talking to her. I believe that asking, at a SLT meeting, why the plan was submitted without input would have been more appropriate. I believe Mr. Potelos‘ goal was to have input in the plan, which may have been possible with a direct approach. It seems that people believe his goal was to get his Principal in trouble because of his approach. This should all be brought back to the best interest of the children… was the proper process followed for submitting the plan and, if not, how should it be rectified? Whether or not the Principal followed protocol and what the consequences might be for her is not a job for Mr. Portelos or any of us but for her bosses to determine. Mr. Portelos is being targeted at this point, which is unfair, but I am not sure that this website will help ease that. He needs to clarify, for himself and others, what his goal is because it’s no longer clear….to get credit for “exposing” this problem, to have input into the CEP, to get his Principal fired, to be granted tenure, or something else entirely. Mr. Portelos–please clarify.

ShannonDid you ever officially file a complain with the Superintendent? If not, DO IT! Bring it back to the original issue–did your Principal break the law? I’m pretty sure the answer is yes. Don’t let her tactics and bullying take the focus off of the main issue. She broke the law. The end.

Francesco PortelosThe principal does not lead the School Leadership Team as per regulations A-655 and is a regular member just like the teachers and the parents.If I have an issue with the dealings of a group, I am going to the head of that group. So I did and posed that question to the chairperson, Ms. Abramowitz. I agree with the comment above which was to immediately rectify the situation by discussing it. THERE WAS NO DISCUSSION. This should fall heavy on the mismanagement of the chairperson. The principal walked in and said “it was done” and the chairperson turned, looked and said “OK, then lets work on next years”. I’m sorry but when we are talking about over $5 Million of taxpayer dollars in my struggling community that answer was not enough for me. It didn’t seem like it was enough for others who were there and pushed to research the matter further. Our Budget: http://schools.nyc.gov/AboutUs/funding/schoolbudgets/fy12SchoolBudgetOverview.htm?schoolcode=R049The above comment is right. Why is every other school’s CEP publicly posted and not ours? When I further investigated the matter I was told that our CEP was “certified” meaning that it was approved by the SLT. I would love to see that signature page. I spoke to some members and they do not remember approving it. In fact I brought up adding a goal to address the 75% of the students that were not addressed in the first 3 goals written by the principal and was not supported then either.My goal? My goal in January and February was to defend myself after many attacks. My goal now? Awareness, Accountability and Transparency. This site helped my goal more than I ever could imagine.I am going on over two weeks without my laptop, iPad or Teacher desktop that runs my lab. They are still not returned. Try taking away the musical instruments from the band teacher. Good thing I adapt extremely well and I am more resilient than I ever knew. Throughout this whole ordeal my lessons and classes have not been affected at all.I am out for Jury Duty for a week and miss my classes and robotics team. We have the City competition Sunday at the Javitz center. Ask the school secretary and programmer how many times I call to be forwarded to the substitute when I am out sick or at a meeting. Who does that? What teacher calls and makes sure that the students are still on task when they are out sick. I hope the answer is a lot.Soon I will post a page with contact information of those in charge on the city and state level. Many questions arise when reading my site. I will show you who you can address them to.

AnonymousI am totally blown away by all this. In some cases I am not surprised by actions against you.

JasonI applaud you for your courage. To put yourself out there like this is no easy task. You must really love your job. I still don’t know how this is allowed. Where is your union? I don’t see them mentioned.

AnonymousI can only assume, after reading some of the comments, that this article finally made it into the lap of the principal as we all know it would, it was just a matter of time and I’m surprised it took so long….If you’re going to comment at least have your facts in order whether they’re good or bad… This all began because Mr. Portelos dared to comment on a statementthat was made by administrators to JIT team in reference to safety in the classroom… Apparently the scissorhappy student running around in class, the garb being pulled off a young girls head, the teacher assaults which have resulted in injuries, the student throwing objects across the room, was all due to poor class management. Administrators bear no responsibility for the behavior of their students.Mr. Portelos challenged that and here we are.As for as for union representation, he should suefor the money thatsdirectly coming our of his paycheck for years.

Agatha 123Excerpts from article, published on New York Post on June 11, 2011:“Teachers, afraid of retaliation by their supervisors as well as the young ruffians, are voicing desperation in leaked messages to the media”.”The mayhem-filled middle school is the perfect example of how violence and disorder can escalate when school leaders lose trust among staff — and shut out the community.Principal Linda Hill won’t comment”.There is more, all negative!Read the whole article, if you so please. The comments that follow are very interesting! This is only one article…of course there are more…search!http://www.nypost.com/p/news/opinion/opedcolumnists/in_staten_island_school_gone_wild_FlWhuz84lyot5lYt5x8uLO

Agatha 123There is a POSITIVE article about the excellence of teacher(s) and the good students of Berta Dreyfus I.S. 49! It is published on the S.I. Advance on October 6, 2011.This kind of dedicated teachers this Principal and her entourage of “kneeling subjects“are trying to get rid off from our public schools. They do not want anyone to be concerned and ask questions.It is about the science, technology and mathematics(STEM) students of teacher… Mr. Francesco Portelos. Who? MR. FRANCESCO PORTELOS!excerpt from the article:”Ms. Mullgrav said the state-of-the-art facility serves as a “vital resource to residents in the community.””When we’re talking about our young people, one thing is abundently clear – having access to technology is a critical component of making sure they can compete in the 21st century econonomy. Opening the doors to this center will literally open the door to opportunity for hundreds of area residents,” she said.The computers will be heavily used by students at nearby Dreyfus Intermediate School who attend the after-school program at the Carter Center sponsored by the JCC.Guests at the ribbon-cutting were impressed by the work of Dreyfus sixth-graders in teacher Francesco Portelos‘ science, technology and mathematics classes (STEM). The 11- and 12-year-olds demonstrated how to read a bar graph and create a spread sheet using data and information from the graph.Poretelos said he puts all his lessons and assignments online so that his students can access the information at any time. “With computer technology like this, we can take lessons beyond the four walls of a classroom, so students will be able to come here and access their assignments and go over lessons online after school or anytime,” he said”.Read more:http://www.silive.com/northshore/index.ssf/2011/10/gerard_carter_community_center.html

R. C.While this sort of environment is present in nearly or maybe every sector, it is still disheartening to hear that this is going on in the public school system but of course I am not surprised. I read the article in the times and it made total sense that the Principal, Linda Hill, is trying to discredit Mr. Portelos after exposing her misconduct. It just all makes sense so while another poster said Mr. Portelos made his bed and he has no one to blame it doesn’t justify that the Ms. Hill is trying to deflect her misconduct by potentially firing this young teacher. Unfortunately this is the world we live in where hard work and drive isn’t as valued as much as playing favorites and not making any waves unless we are working for ourselves.These bad administrators – those who adhere to the “boot on the neck” philosophy regarding management styles (threats, intimidation, deceitfulness, power tripping, and political maneuvering) all based in insecurity. They also surround themselves with brown nose flunkies because they fear people who are more intelligent than them; it’s some primitive way of protecting their control.

R. C.While this sort of environment is present in nearly or maybe every sector, it is still disheartening to hear that this is going on in the public school system but of course I am not surprised. I read the article in the times and it made total sense that the Principal, Linda Hill, is trying to discredit Mr. Portelos after exposing her misconduct. It just all makes sense so while another poster said Mr. Portelos made his bed and he has no one to blame it doesn’t justify that the Ms. Hill is trying to deflect her misconduct by potentially firing this young teacher. Unfortunately this is the world we live in where hard work and drive isn’t as valued as much as playing favorites and not making any waves unless we are working for ourselves.These bad administrators – those who adhere to the “boot on the neck” philosophy regarding management styles (threats, intimidation, deceitfulness, power tripping, and political maneuvering) all based in insecurity. They also surround themselves with brown nose flunkies because they fear people who are more intelligent than them; it’s some primitive way of protecting their control.

ally of goodnessfollow the money; there’s usually a reason for a principal’s secretive behavior and vengefulness.audit her hard.

Laura CavalleriAwareness, Accountability and Transparency,Thatis what matters for the Students.I am just a parent, and that is what matters to me for my child.Iand other parents that came from the feeder elementary school PS48 are at IS49 because of Mr. Portelos and the other STEM teacher, sorry I don’t remember his name (the school lost him last year (because of budget cuts?) transparency I wonder).Their presentation at our elementary school was so impressive it was my first choice on Middle School Application; I wonder how many other parents did the same.Not only was the school becoming equipped with technology because of grants, it had these two STEM teachers involved with the students, with the passion, for the goal, to hold nothing back from these students, in the neighborhood they live in, to learn, and aspirer, to make changes for themselves, through the future, with technology, and not just in their classes but throughout the academics, and with new goals, throughout the whole school.I have some awareness, and I want more,I give accountability for my actions: In the awareness I bring for Students with Dyslexia.And how I send my children to attend their public schools to learn, in good trust.I have shared transparency, in trust, that we can work together, for the Students,I am a part of this conversation to; I am just a parent, who has a voice to for my children, our Public School Students.

Laura CavallericorrectedNot only was the school becoming equipped with technology because of grants, it had these two STEM teachers involved with the students, with their passion, for the goal, to hold nothing back from these students, students that live in this neighborhood, to teach them to love to learn, and aspirer, to teach the students to make changes for themselves, through the future of technology, and not just in the STEM classes but throughout the studies and academics, with a new goal, throughout the whole school.

AnonymousKeep fighting the system, but remember that change never comes without sacrifice.

larryI know FIRST hand how incompetent the administration is and how awful many of the students are at 49. I was railroaded om trumped up charges and shipped to the rubber room on false charges for 5 long years before I finally retiredMy problems began when a student threw a garbage pail at my head and I filed a complaint with the UFT.Lets not forget, Ms Hill, of the infamous “spleen-boy” remark, which would have sent a teacher straight to the rubber room, was also the principal of the young “man” who cut the hair of a classmate and didnt report it…The same student. not long after, robbed the pizza delivery boy and then assaulted and pulled the head dressing off a young muslim girl.I also received over a 100 letters of accomodation in my 20 years, before arriving at 49, when, suddenly I becamea bad teacherunbelievableLM

sijoemoeMr. Portelos should never be condemned for his valiant efforts of ensuring the best possible education for our children. The NYC school system should appreciate a man of his talent and his concern in helping to shape America’s future. On behalf of our students; please continue your interest in their well-being (despite the obstacles who confront and may oppose your ideas). Best wishes and continued success!

AnonymousStay strong! Fight back! There are few who stand up for what is right. This journey will be long and hard. It appears you have the courage that few have. You are fighting the system. One person v. many who will attempt to destroy you. It will be a painful process. I wish you the best of luck my friend.

Francesco PortelosThank you all for you continued and growing support. The road ahead is going to get bumpier. The attacks will become harsher and more frequent.No worries though because I will remain steadfast in my goal to better the school and community.

aaliyah wellsDear Mr.PorteloesI miss you so much and i want you back im sorry to hear about all this drama but I just thought i should keep you intouch with your class so every time i have your class and your not there ill write you some type of way and keep you in touch Are you gonna come back FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS!

Anonymous“Let no one think of me that I am humble or weak or passive; let them understand I am of a different kind: dangerous to my enemies, loyal to my friends. To such a life glory belongs” Euripedes, Medea(keep your head up) LOAnonymousPortelos, you know that D is the puppet master right?

GQI think we should start a fund to get you know who more ink for her printer based on the amount of pages she has printed about you. Would you let her write your biography? I think it’s more of an obsession. To get all the posts she printed of you she had to have basically read and looked through pictures and videos of your family, friends and life. I guess hers isn’t as exciting. Sad actually.

KJCThe craziest part (actually there a a million crazy parts to this story) is that wasn’t it Abramowitz who in front of 400+ UFT reps asked President Michael Mulgrew “What do we do if we can’t get rid of a horrible principal?” There were 6 Dreyfus members who can attest to that. How does Hill listen to a woman who planned her demise for years?????

AnonymousYes, from what I hear… and I’m sure the very next day she was in the principal’s office handing her some Facebook comment page of someone she was ratting out. How sad is it that this person gets her kicks out of trying to gether co-workers fired?Imagine the nerve to make thattype of comment in front of 400+ people and then next day she’s kissing the principals ass.

AnonymousHe who wishes to discredit you with malice, will unknowingly create a shadow that follows him like the prevailing wind. Be kind to others.Clearly Abramawitz and the two other members of her Mickey Mouse Club don’t understand this….but he who does good will prevail….God doesn’t like ugly and someday they will have to face their maker and explain the evil and harm they have caused on others.Their behavior is repulsive!

AnonymousI am horrified at your situation, but not surprised. This is the root, the core, the very axis of the problem with education in the city. It is a Leviathan of corruption than no salve in the form of money nor policy will change from without. It must be rooted out from within by maverick young teachers such as you who are ready and willing to challenge the status quo. Corruption has been engendered for too long, and sadly the union more often than not seems to holding hands with subversive policy makers. This is a system operated by fear and bullying from top down. No wonder the youth to to it as a means to an end. Virtually every entity feels disempowered and impotent in this circus of self-serving bureaucrats whose interest lie far from the educational needs of students. You must not be silent. “Never, never, give up”.

AnonymousWow, that’s some crazy stuff.I can smell a set up.Make sure you are in view of the security cameras at all times, do not speak to your principal(s) alone, without witnesses.

AnonymousYour update saddens me….how low can people go….stay strong….the truth always comes to light and you will prevail.

Agatha 123April 1, 2012 – Sunday evening –I am also horrified about “the word in the hallways”.As it turns out, you will continue to stand alone and fight for your rights and of everyone’s there. Shame on them for not having a backbone. What ethics are they teaching the young students? Get a job somewhere, be lethargic, get a pension….and die! No dreams, no self-respect -just a phony sense of security. I do not mean the corrupted ones. There is no hope about that filthy group. From the first time I heard about this sickening situation, I thought of ENTRAPMENT. It will happen! The “girls” from that tabloid will have a feast – for that kind of “news”,these “girls” are qualified.If Francesco Portelos, a dedicated, charismatic and ethical young man, is suddenly accused of wrongdoing, as it seems to be the plan of the “spleen boy” principal woman and her little “shoe” kissers – IT WILL ALL BE THE RESULT OF PREMEDITATION – principal and her “shoe“kisses will act in concert!!! (like when one of them will unlock draw, get the cards and punch them – leave … and another one will punch them out…So those few will get pay from special funds, for work they did not perform -and the TAXPAYERS will continue to be taxed…!). Be very careful, dear Mr. Francesco Portelos – the sharks are making circles around you. Will anyone care?

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    In Africa we were thought not ask questions. We were afraid to speak out. Now that I amin the US, the freedom to voice out for what you think is right is being rang on our ears everywhere you go.
    I cannot believe that a person should be punished for doing just that. Afterall, Mr Portelos is a roll model, a teacher infront of our children. Even if he is wrong, there should be other methods of redressing this issue.
    Please send him back to class to teach our kids, he has been doing a mervelous job.

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    Mr. Portelos is an outstanding educator. I have never met a teacher with as much passion and enthusiasm as he has. My son is one of his current students and he speaks very highly of him and his class; he also misses him and asks when he will be returning. It is a huge shame if our children who currently have him as their STEM teacher and for future students who enter I.S. 40 to lose a teacher like him. Please reinstate Mr. Portelos!

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    There are too few good teachers. We should not be removing good teachers who are trying to make the system better.

  • People for Portelos . (Petition Organizer)
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    An Excellent Teacher that has the interest of the students !!!

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    Frankie is an amazing teacher….always striving to better a childs educations. He is a truely devoted teacher.

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    To keep good teachers educating our children and shed light on the corruption in the school system!

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    We need to support the quality teachers that care about our students and learning!!

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    We need more teachers like him.

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    Mr. Portelos has been an asset to our community. His amazing capabilities as a teacher are a direct reflection of his traditional and loving up-bringing. Truly a genuine personality and great person overall.

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    cuz my bother loved him and he made my bother want to got to school everyday

  • I have worked with the man and I can ascertain that he is not just ready to help his students but he was there for me and many, many more staff members who have worked with him. ‘Portelos’ as I called him, was always available when I needed him to fix any and all types of technological challenges and help that I needed. And he has been helpful to all the administrators that are now against him. Isn’t that a ‘darn’ shame!!! They should be locked up…They are not deserving of his knowledge, his dedication, and his passion but we all know it and “they” also know it. THAT HE IS ONE OF THE BEST EDUCATORS THERE IS…HE IS TRULY ONE OF A KIND!!! His absence from students is a disservice and an educational neglect. Therefore, the culprits should be reprimanded and dealt with accordingly. He is not the one to be punished. These people should not be allowed to get away with murder…These children’s dreams are being murdered!

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    He is a good person who is being unjustly punished by a corrupt school administration for bringing attention to their very criminal and immoral behavior.

  • I am a fellow educator who has been in the NYCBOED system for 28 years. By reading this I can feel the pain Mr. Portelos is going through. Unfortunately the best seem to suffer working for the system under very difficult and strenuous circumstances. Just believe in God and know that no one on earth can do you any harm when you know in your heart you are not guilty of any wrongful acts. We fellow educators and Greek Americans will support you all pray for you to find justice and peace at this very difficult time.

  • The reason why the BOE doesn’t like this individual is because he challenges everything they stand for, and because he didn’t feel that the “robotic” nonsense that they spoon feed to the children they like to call state mandated curriculum is good enough for these kids. He went against the system, and they just cant have it since it isnt their way. Teachers like Mr Portelos that can actually teach effectively actually challenge these children, and help them break through and actually become something in this world, and not just job fillers. Please reinstate this amazing professor, and stop all the nonsense!

  • 10 days ago

    Mr. Portelos love his students and teaching. This is absurd!

  • 15 days ago

    As a former collegue, i have known Mr. Portelos as a hard working, honest, and sincere person, who does not deserve the bureaucratic injustice he has been reportedly subjected to. With the ever growing tenured adminstrators and teachers complacency in the school system the tax payers and the students deserve a hard working person/teacher like Mr. Portelos in thier school.

  • 15 days ago

    Our children deserve teacher’s who want to fix the broken system, instead of administrator’s seeking to rubber stamp the status quo!

  • 10 days ago

    corrupt schools remove one of the few remaining good teachers

  • 10 days ago

    In the end, he’s motivated by the right reasons. That’s enough for me.

  • 10 days ago


  • 15 days ago

    Caring, passionate educators like Mr. Portelos inspire students like myself to continue better themselves.

  • 15 days ago

    A talent like this should not go to waste. One honest, dedicated and innovative teacher is worth more whole sea full of apathetic teachers with no fire or yearning to help the children.

  • 14 days ago

    Frankie is pillar of light in this imperfect, and corrupt society. He is a good teacher respected by his students, a loving husband, and a super-dad! He is also a good friend.

  • 3 days ago

    I have over 30 years in education, and there have been times when I had wished that I had stood up and voice truth to power. All I can say about Portelos is that his actions exemplify what many teachers wished, after the fact that they had done. Sir, you are fighting the good fight. I am proud to know that we share the same occupation.

    Andreas Horaites
    ESL Specialist and Migrant Education Teacher

  • 15 days ago

    I love Mr. Portelos method of teaching, his way of helping others, and his personality

  • 15 days ago

    Our schools need more teachers like Mr. Portelos who care about their students,

  • 11 days ago

    I hope that Mr. Portelos’ unjust prosecution sheds light to the corruption that exists.

  • 13 days ago

    keep good teachers in the classroom.

  • 13 days ago

    I am signing this to protect Mr Portelos, the innocent, and to rid the world of corrupt rats that have held the same job for too long.

  • 15 days ago

    Excellent and talented teachers who are trying to be progressive and make a difference are being unfairly investigated by DOE.

  • 15 days ago

    As a 14 year NYC Dept. of Ed employee, I know what administration is capable of. I have witnessed some of the same in another school. It is wrong and things must change.

  • 15 days ago

    I know that he is an excellent teacher because I also work for the NYDOE.

  • 1 day ago

    Because I know silencing good teachers for exposing corruption is happening all over this nation and is the reason why our schools are failing! See EndTeacherAbuse.org for hundreds of similar stories.

  • 11 days ago

    Having the opportunity to work with Mr. Portelos in a profesional environment I know him to be an honest, hard working and genuine person. After reading about his current situation and researching the published information regarding it I think it is clear that Mr. Portelos should be put back in the classroom. His supervisors should be ashamed to punish a man in front of students for questioning authority.

  • There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Why should an excellent teacher who has done nothing but try to educate his students fear the Board of Education? There is no reason to fear since he has done no wrong and the wrong that has been done is by those who are supposedly better than Mr. Portelos. God bless Mr. Portelos and his cause and give him the strength to continue this fight against tyranny.

  • Why is it that education comes behind everything in this country. A man who really cares is pushed to the side because he wants answers to questions concerning misuse of money, or improper use of the educational system. When will we learn. I think the staff at this college is interested in its own interests and not those of the students. BE ASHAMED.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 13 days ago

    i suppose he’s a nice educator.

  • 16 days ago

    I am a former co-worker of Mr. Portelos. I always found him to be a dedicated, caring, honest, and moral individual who always put the welfare of others and the team effort above his own personal goals. I believe there is a very good chance he did the same when he challenged his principal on the school budget. Are we not allowed to inquire how such administrators spend our money?

  • For justice!

  • 13 days ago

    Because I remember Mr. Portelos from my days at school, and if he is guilty of those accusations, then my name is George W. Bush.

  • 16 days ago

    I’ve known him for twenty years, and I’ve never known him to be anything but an honest, driven individual, with a great sense of humor. You’d be doing the students a disservice to keep them from their teacher a minute longer.

  • 14 days ago

    because Mr. Portelos is a great teacher and a good person and does not deserve what is happening to him. he belong back in the class room where he can do what he is good at

  • 10 days ago

    I have known and worked with Mr. Portelos (prior to being a teacher) and I know him to be an intelligent and dedicated individual that has a great deal to offer his students and collegues. He should not be punished for the fincial misconduct of otehrs.

  • 13 days ago

    The so-called public school “system” in NY state needs to be exposed for the corrupt, ineffective joke that it is, and Mr. Portelos is the man to do it. Reason will prevail!!!

  • 15 days ago

    Francesco Portelos is a man of integrity. He will challenge authority in order to protect his students. NYC needs every good teacher it can find and he is certainly one. Please clear his record and let him continue to inspire the young minds of tomorrow.

  • 13 days ago

    Mr Portelos is an ethical and dedicated family man and teacher. I have known him since his college days and personally vouch for his charater. Do the right thing

  • 13 days ago

    Mr. Portelos is being punished for trying to do the right thing. Sounds like the school is trying to hide how finances are being appropriated. KEEP DIGGING!!

  • 15 days ago

    Its the right thing to do.

  • 15 days ago

    Mr. Francesco Portelos is a close friend of my family. I know Francesco for many years. He is a man of Great character. I know personally from many conversations with Francesco how much he truly loves teaching. His work speaks for itself! Ask his students & parents how they feel. I would love nothing more for my Own child to be lucky enough to be taught by a teacher with the same drive and love for teaching as Mr. Francesco Portelos but unfortunately to most teachers today “its just a job” ! Mr. Portelos is being put on the chopping block for asking questions that should be asked and that is wrong!

  • 5 days ago

    I’m signing this petition because we miss Mr.Portelos.!!

  • 14 days ago

    Even pimps give a rest to their hookers, the system must understand that it can’t keep shagging the people…..

  • 10 days ago

    This is a waste and disservice on so many levels – students are missing out on quality education. Who’s teaching these students while this teacher is in the rubber room? Taxpayer dollars are being wasted – this in and of itself can be considered a misuse of funds.

  • 9 days ago

    If this is true then something must be done

17 thoughts on “Comments/Testimonials

  1. What is going on? Is this a third-world Country?
    The above was my rhetorical question – below is an update from Francesco Portelos’s fb page:

    “So as I entered the building today the principal and assistant principal, stopped me, handed me a letter and I was told I’m under investigation and removed from the school! I’m lawyering up. Now I’m in the new Rubber room at Chambers street that supposedly doesn’t exist. They made a big mistake as now I have even more time to build my case. I’m good though..very calm and relaxed.”

  2. Dude…you seem like a good teacher . You seem like you care about kids. You seem like a problem-solver. I can see these things clearly BUT…..
    1. You are incredibly stupid or stubborn. (I’ll explain this.)
    2. You have no survival skills.

    I am POSITIVE you have been told this before.

    I understand that you are upset, but why would you create a website publicizing the whole thing? Frankly, I believe your career in NYC is definitely over. In fact, your career as a teacher is in jeopardy. Why? I hate to tell you this but, reading those letters you posted only seemed to incriminate you more than they exonerated you. Even if they are untrue, reading about your alleged behavior will probably create doubts in some readers minds about your innocence. Also, because they are posted online, ANYONE could download them and use them against you in the future.

    Also, 4.5 years is not a career. It’s a drop in the bucket. Therefore, when you say, “I did a great job for 4.5 years and now they’re picking on me” it just makes me yawn and think, “What a smart ass!” When you saw this situation moving in the direction it was moving, you should have laid low for the rest of the year and regrouped the following year. With your skills, work ethic, recommendations, etc, you should have also applied to another school! This is what I meant by “survival skills”.

    To be clear, I don’t think you should be in the rubber room. But I think your refusal to be (in your own mind) dominated by the big, bad Principal caused you to engage in behavior that caused this situation to escalate. My guess is that most adminstrators will see this and view you as a “loose cannon”. I’m sure that word has been thrown around too.

    It’s a shame because again, you seem like a good teacher. But you’re too stubborn/stupid/proud/smart for your own good to let this go and move on with your life.

    • Again….you have to let this thing go and move on with your life. It sucks but the universe is fair. You’ll see this eventually. As I read the letters you post, it does nothing but make me think, “Is this guy crazy?” You’re playing right into their hands! I can’t believe your lawyer hasn’t tried to muzzle you. Get your admin degree, find a position somewhere warm and be done with it. The problem with your case is that in education, even if you win, you lose. You’re probably not going to walk away from this untarnished. If you do, great! But it’s not likely. If you can’t let it go, keep it going but at least stop posting everything on this blog! Geez! Good Luck!

      • Thank you for your comment. I’m on summer vacation friend. Prior to that I was sent to the rubber room for 2 months at 7hrs a day. Would you rather I play Minesweeper and Solitaire with your tax dollars? I’m going to finish what they started, so no…there is no letting go because it continues.

  3. Dear Anonymous,
    You are right. I have been told this before. You and the others have to understand something though. Some retirees, who have seen this many times before, warned me the end of January. They said and I quote “They will start putting letters in your file”, “They will also start investigations on you”, “Give you your first U Rated observation no matter how good your lesson is.” and ultimately “try to pull a 3020A and terminate you. I tried the lay low, play dead routine for the month of February. Now I could have “played dead” for only so long. In that month I received 3 letters and a baseless investigation was started on me. I had a choice at that point and I’m assuming you disagree with me. I could have continued to “play dead” or get up and take the gloves off. I chose the latter. I didn’t. Imagine the public did not know any of this was transpiring and out of the blue I was removed from school. Then what. Even my closest friends might have doubted my innocence. “Francesco is a great guy, but they sent him to the rubber room. He must have done something wrong.” That didn’t happen though. Due to me publicizing this on my site and Facebook, everyone saw the whole play by play and on April 26th, there were no surprises. The two employees who falsified those statements have not only been shunned by the staff, but they both are losing their respective high office seats in the school. They both have investigations started based on the false statements they made. In due time I will add the audio recording of that meeting. I will have to bleep some of the curses they made though.

    As far as my career goes you are right in that 4.5 years is a blink of an eye. One thing is for sure though…I will be an educator until I retire. Will it be tougher to teach? Perhaps, but since I am going for my administrators license, my role will eventually be that of an administrator. If I can’t find a principal or superintendent to hire me, then I will write grants and open my own school.

    So I believe out of the choices I pick stubborn rather than stupid. Thank you again for the comment. Are you in education?

    Francesco Portelos

    • call channel & Eye Witness News……..just up their alley…been there…done this…and I beat their pants off and won.

  4. mr.portelos is the nice’s man on earth …….he spends his time mostly all day 4 the kids and he makes his own videos for kids to learn about stuff ………….just saying this school should be shut down 4 the baddest thigns and mr.portelso should be reward for alll his effort

  5. I would like to address the comments made by the author of the May 25th and July 4th post (I’m assuming it’s the same person). There’s a quote by MLK that reads, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”. I am in complete support of Mr. Portelos. We’re in an age where school principals believe they’re bigger than the law; where they think they’re CEO’s of a corporation, rather than store managers they truly are. Mr. Portelos simply asked a question-one that as an employee of the DOE, he had every right to ask. When the hammer began to fall, he had two choices: stand up or clam up. He chose to stand, and for that I applaud him.

    I’ve been an elementary school teacher for 11 years. Reading Mr. Portelos’ account is so surreal to me, I’ve had to double-check his school principal’s name to make sure he wasn’t a colleague of mine. They (principals) will do what they can to shatter the livelihood of ANYONE who questions their authority. The problem is, the more they go out of their way to harm him, the more they dig a hole for themselves. I wish the UFT would be more aggresive in this-and other similar-matters, but at the end of the day, no one fights for you harder than you.

    Our profession is about servicing the community and their children. I abhor the “role model” tag, because we’re teachers first. Mr. Portelos clearly appears to fit that description. Judging by the posts of former students, Mr. Portelos truly cared about the children. Why, why, why, would the school want a man of his caliber gone?

    Keep strong, Mr. Portelos. We teachers support you!!!

    • Thank you for your comment Mr. Hughes. You are right. I had 2 choices and I’m pretty sure clamming up would have have still put me in my current position. This fight is far from over and so much bigger than my school.

      • By the way: BRILLIANT move on your part to request your principal’s time cards pursuant to FOIL. These are the things that they know you are capable of-and that’s what they’re not ready to handle. I forwarded your site to my family and friends who were as disgusted as I was to read about your situation. We need more educators who are willing to call out the wrongs, regardless of the consequences. Those who want to stay “Under the Radar” are fooling themselves; if this can happen to someone with *your* credentials, it can happen to *anybody*.

  6. I don’t understand the things that they have made complainants about are the same things they used to commend him for! Its a shame that asking questions has come down to this! I have a student in the school and feel my children was retaliated against. I don’t understand are the teachers affraid for their jobs?

  7. Mr.Portelos I currently go to IS49
    I dont know why they are doing this to you
    I like the way that you are strong and you have a lot of courage
    you are the greatest Tech teacher ever 🙂
    I want you to know that I am on your side no matter what
    Teacher have to go through many things in Is.49 from the disrespect to the violence .
    What’s getting really annoying is that teacher have a voice and they want to use it
    GOOD LUCK and you have have a great future ahead of you 🙂

  8. Hello,

    Just wanted to say good job. It’s terrible what they are doing to you; I’m not a teacher, ill be entering medical school soon, but it wouldn’t have been possible without good teachers. I was a latchkey kid and was pretty much raised by responsible, caring, educators. If caring is whats emphasized so much by administrators, why not show it? Isn’t it the investment and protection one has in people? They invested in you, but didn’t care to much about your protection or personal development. Isn’t promotion of learner responsibility, respect for others, inclusiveness and support, congruency, and consistency emphasized? Wheres the the accountability from the people committing fraud, wheres the consistency, 0-15 unsatisfactory evaluations in a short amount of time should be a red flag that whoever assigned them might have a bias, is this type of punishment congruent with other staff members who have been disciplined?. Wheres the inclusiveness and support, you tried to find out where funds were going and support the community– resulting in being excluded and receiving no support. Terrible implicit curriculum, all the administration has done is show students that the world is an arbitrary and confusing place. Do people really wonder why test scores are low and behaviors are bad; students see effective teachers; who appear to do everything right get treat unjustly.

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