I have been sitting on this post for awhile. The observation report was so poorly written that I really did not know how to approach it. Before you scroll down to read it keep in mind a few things please:

  1. This is NO EXCUSE, but I was out for a week for mandatory jury duty. I came in at 8:24am for class and they walked in at 8:30am for a 90 minute “short” observation. Teachers can understand what happens with a sub in your room for a week. Mind you as I sat in jury room, I was emailed engineering work that students were doing from mrportelos.com.
  2. I had to make an executive decision as lead teacher for the Learning Technology Grant and made a last minute change up to help a colleague steering away from my lesson plan.
  3. There were four students in the class. They all did work.
  4. I was constantly interrupted by AP Aguirre asking me questions.
  5. She is the AP of Security and when a child came in blasting an iPod, she did not address him, nor take it away, nor ask him why he walked in to disrupt another class. He was not my student and that day we had metal detector scans. Security breach ignored by AP of security (This incident was left out of the report). Perhaps she should spend less time observing teachers and watching what room they go into on the cameras in her office.
  6. This class’ teachers and I met with the assistant principal to discuss their recent apathy and behavior.
  7. AP Aguirre has been an AP for about 7 years, a Dean in Brooklyn prior to that and a resource room teacher before that. Sources basically say she has not been in front of a classroom for over 10 years.
  8. In addition, many positive aspects of the lesson were strategically omitted and replaced with quotes and a timeline. The high five a student and I exchanged when he answered correctly was not in there.
  9. I asked what does Tapei 101’s design (one of the tallest buildings) have to do with the architect and Bamboo. That is not high order thinking for 8th grade Special Education students?
  10. I have a video of these students competing against each other with Fantasticcontraption.com and being very engaged a week before jury duty.
  11. During my post observation meeting, which by the way was held after I called the Office of Equal Opportunity on AP Aguirre due to certain inappropriate behavior, I was told the students “Were not answering any of my questions.” About 2 minutes later she continues to state “The student’s were not even raising their hands. They were just blurting out the answers.” What? She tried to correct herself, but it was too late. I caught that flub. 😉

Last 2 things:

AP Joanne Aguirre’s license is in PreK, Kindergarten and 1-6. What experience does she have observing an 8th grade class and giving me a U?

In the famous case MATTER OF ELENTUCK v. GREEN – March 7, 1994 The courts stated that classroom observations contain NO FACTS and are merely opinions. Think about that Principal Hill as you rate me with a U this year. This is even though I requested my own observation in December and received a “Satisfactory” and you wrote me a letter of recommendation in October (before I asked about the budget and your finances).

The report again contains no facts:

3 thoughts on “First Unsatisfactory Observation

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